Letters to the Irish Times 2013

Letter to the Irish Times 16 February 2013

Having read your editorial in the Irish Times of February 15th I am moved to point out that “there is no such thing as a free meal”. We all like to get something for free and your encouragement to the Irish banks to write off debt is just not fair to the majority who were more prudent in their financial affairs.
I can understand the concept of ‘parking’ debt whilst individuals negotiate a new mortgage for a smaller abode. Nobody suggests that the punter who lost his shirt in the betting shop should be given his money back. Even Mr Honohan has stated that write downs will be applied “only in extreme cases”.
Please let us not be giving away even more of the taxpayers’ hard earned cash.

Earlier letter August 2012

Surely it makes more sense to get our house in order here on mother earth before we conquer another planet. Forgive my lack of excitement when I see blue shirted scientists jumping up and down, having spent billions on a scientific exploration, when so much needs to be done here at home.

A letter published in the Irish Times Magazine 23rd February 2013

The Good Life

The Good Life

letter written on 12 March 2013 (not published)

I noted in Paddy Agnew’s article, (World News 12March 2012), “Doors close as cardinals begin papal election”, that 115 elector cardinals are off to reflect on who to select as the next Pope.

On the same page the irony was not lost in the headline by Peter Cluskey, “Report finds ‘tens of thousands’ of girls abused by Dutch Catholic clergy”.

Dare I presume that it is women in the Vatican, who are possibly making the supper for these ‘men in frocks’ or even stoking the fire to emit the white smoke once a decision is reached?

Therefore, what hope for any change? I ask.

Irish Times 20.03.2013

Sherkin Island our choice for a holiday.

Sherkin Island our choice for a holiday.


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