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Came across one published in the ‘West Cork People’ after the ploughing match in Timoleague.

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A poem by Geraldine on the occasion of my birthday 01/07/15.

Birthday at Dillons

Birthday at Dillons

You opened the door to our wonderful life
It started the day I became your wife
The laughter, adventure and fun we have shared
In less than ten years – nothing compared
To the sense of belonging – being part of a team
My prayers were answered as we are ‘living the dream’.

Your kindness, your spirit, your beautiful heart
Your devotion to me – even when we’re apart
You smile as you jauntily stride through each day
As we plan our adventures and weekends away
Cambodia, Vietnam, the U.S.and Spain
We travel by bike, car, boat and by train.

Where when and how – doesn’t matter a whit
As long as you’re there to share it all with
Your love, your support and your courage galore
I thank God daily that you walked through my door.

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The Lusitania

the 7th May will mark the anniversary of the sinking of The Lusitania in 1915. There will be  a number of events organised to commemorate the event and Courtmacsherry has already put a couple of static replicas on display. The top photograph is of a mockup of the Lusitania and the the other is a rebuild of the first lifeboat on the tragic scene.

A mock up on display in Courtmacsherry

A mock up on display in Courtmacsherry

On display in Courtmacsherry

On display in Courtmacsherry

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The Independent Man

This is a song composed by Peter Durnin.(Peadar O Doirnin)

Peter was one of the 17th century Ulster poets and was originally from Armagh.

Here’s a health to all those that at liberty goe

That travel the road without a command,

That drink and that sport, that sit in their clothes

Whilst taking repose with a glass in their hand.

I am one of their sort, the track of their sole,

I love it by Jove,while e’re I stand,

I’ll keep my own ‘Vote’, I’ll give it to none

I value no more a Parliament Man.

What do I care for Holland or Hague,

Or trouble my brains with packets or news

From Germany’ states to Lobquid’s retreat,

Their taking of Prague, or Spaniards confuse,

But what if they break their masts upon sea,

Or bother to death each other by course;

They will give no more share of profit or gains,

Pox on them if e’re they beg for a truce.

For kings or their guards I care not a straw

No colour at all shall make me stand,

To Dukes or to Lords or to Ladys at ball

I never will crawl with cap in my hand;

Their states and their claws, prelates and its laws,

The Minister’s cause to me is all one,

I am not a Novel or a Barron Claw,

I don’t value Bashaw or great Coly Can.

A Whig or a Tory, High Church or Low Church,

Protestant, Roman, Quaker or Clan

Shall ne’er controul me to any other notion

But the same motive I have in hand,

I’ll travel the road, I’ll meddle with none,

I’ll let them alone by sea and by land,

For Providence store me want of their board,

I’m covered with clothes and that’s my demand.

What makes me say so in viewing the motions

Of several folks of strife and command

The General’s trophy, the Cabinet’s glory,

The Minister’s cloak, the Lawyer his fan,

The Mariner’s rows in hazard for more,

The Craftsman in Co. with courage takes on,

But I’ll wager my hose along with my shoes

That they’ll break other’s noses before they’ll have done.

When powers agree, ’tis then you shall see

That with sudden career on England they’ll come;

They’ll pell-mell all three, not sparing degrees,

The grey and the green with bullet and drum;

While on terrace I’ll laugh and I’ll sneer,

Enjoying good cheer I’ll sip of my rum;

Yet devoid of all fear, I’ll sit like a peer,

With a bottle of beer un-undher my thumb.

In Heaven’s great name, how can they blame

The poor man, or shame him, in the long run?

Ambition’s their game, what else do they mean,

But purchase high fame, great power and fun?

They may swear a big oath that never they’ll loath

The poor dupe that votes for them. ’tis their plan;

But I’ll keep my own vote, I’ll give it to none,

Then what need I care for a Parliament man?

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GAA should hand over receipts to match goers | Irish Examiner

GAA should hand over receipts to match goers | Irish Examiner.

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Brittany 2013

These are some thoughts on our holiday in Brittany during September.
We spent two weeks in a little gite in northern Brittany near La Roche Derrien.
It was a beautiful time spent in the quiet of the country surrounded by chickens, geese, and goats. We had the car and the bikes with us and were able to explore the area to our heart’s content.

Some thoughts on living in the area:
Generally people seemed to smoke more. The Irish attempt to give up seemed to be miles ahead.
The roads were in a very good condition and the drivers were very generous to us cyclists.
The cost of living at the local supermarket was at least 20% lower than we are experiencing in Cork.
Eating out was yet again cheaper and the standard of service and the quality of the menu was much higher.

Gite, bike and himself...

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Proposal for O’Flynn’s to be included as one of Ireland’s best shops.

Shop name

John O’Flynn & Sons. Master Butchers

Nominate a category


Which county is the shop located in




Tell us about the shop – the look and ambience

It is difficult to miss John O’Flynn & Sons of 36 Marlboro Street in Cork city. If the Bulls Head over the premises escapes your eye, it is surely to be caught by the recipe book in the window. Depending on the page open on a given day the mouth watering pictures are sure to tempt you inside.
Once inside this crisply clean shop, you are greeted warmly by Simon or Patrick, both eager to serve. Let the experience begin…..

Briefly describe the range of stock

It’s best if you have a list and know what you want. Otherwise you are likely to be tempted by the perfectly arranged displays of well stocked and beautifully arranged meats and fowl, unequalled anywhere in Cork.

If it’s BBQ time you can choose between 16 varieties of sausages made in-house, home made burgers sitting next to locally produced black and white pudding, pancetta and bacon.

For the more discerning you can choose from duck, venison, rabbit and pigeon. However, I stick more closely to the delicious cuts of lamb, beef and pork.

Who owns/ manages the shop

Patrick and Simon O’Flynn

And the service

What makes the whole experience special is the service and good humour. Patrick and Simon always take the time to ensure you are comfortable with the recipes you intend to apply to these meats.

Why does this shop deserve an awardIMG_0805

What I love about visiting O’Flynn’s butcher’s shop is the warm welcome, friendly atmosphere and the laugh I get which is all part of the experience.

O’Flynn’s in Marlboro Street,Cork have the best quality fare. A taste and experience not to be missed. It’s a real legend!

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AIB chief executive to tackle property loans to managers

This is surely an important statement made by David Duffy in Galway and reported in the Irish Times on 23rd February 2013.


This is a letter I wrote to the Irish Times which has not as yet been published:
Strong words indeed from the Head of AIB, David Duffy, and quoted in John Fallon’s article in Business Today, Saturday 23 February. Surprise, surprise, only now is he able to admit that his own Managers were using the Bank’s funds to run parallel businesses as developers. His hand has no doubt been forced by the new “Probity Regulations”.
Now, we all know that many Managers are being let go this year with substantial packages, including lucrative retirement pensions and lump sums. What, if anything, will Mr Duffy do to stop this blood letting, using tax payers’ money and can he move retrospectively to catch those who thought that they were out the gap?
Yours, etc,

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