A poem by Geraldine on the occasion of my birthday 01/07/15.

Birthday at Dillons

Birthday at Dillons

You opened the door to our wonderful life
It started the day I became your wife
The laughter, adventure and fun we have shared
In less than ten years – nothing compared
To the sense of belonging – being part of a team
My prayers were answered as we are ‘living the dream’.

Your kindness, your spirit, your beautiful heart
Your devotion to me – even when we’re apart
You smile as you jauntily stride through each day
As we plan our adventures and weekends away
Cambodia, Vietnam, the U.S.and Spain
We travel by bike, car, boat and by train.

Where when and how – doesn’t matter a whit
As long as you’re there to share it all with
Your love, your support and your courage galore
I thank God daily that you walked through my door.


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