A letter written by a fictional character who was not on the Pandaw cruise.

Lilly White

My Tropical Home



26 December 2012

My Garden

Dear Garden,

Well I am thankful that it is over once again. You know how I hate Christmas and no one seems to appreciate my negativity about Christmas. I had hoped to be able to tell you about a new plant that I had found, but sadly nothing to take home yet. I got a chance to view, on my own, a species that makes my sap run. It is a super Alsasian, Alpha Male, meat eating plant found usually in Switzerland. However it was too big for me. One of the Quercus Violensis variety.

There are many other interesting plants to be seen. I was particularly interested in the prickly version of the Cruisicus preciosa. This particular type would need a lot of attention so I moved on.

I have to say that I missed being on my own in Darwin for Christmas with my kilo of prawns and a few packets of cigarettes. You know I don’t like groups so I avoid them when I can. I do read the notes though and pretend to go on my own. I met some people from Ireland on the boat. You know how bad I am with names so I have forgotten them already. Meeting them reminded me of my relations who came from Ireland in a county called Offaly. I really must visit that part of the world some day.

Meal times are difficult. I don’t seem to have found any one to talk plants to. My beautiful hair is enjoying the experience. I tend to spend much time in my cabin combing and running my fingers through it. That is in between running up on deck to see who is smoking.

Well Garden I guess that’s enough about me and you know I don’t need to hear too much from you. Keep an eye on my plants. I shall read all my letters when I get home. Who knows maybe I shall find a small boy to read them to me.

Sincerely yours,

Lily White


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