Is this seat taken?

“Is this seat taken? was where it all started,
As I smiled at my new friend who appeared big hearted.
June ’05 in Sicily – it was a cycling vacation
I was filled with excitement and anticipation.

We mingled, cycled, laughed and drank wine.
Stress was relieved as we had a great time.
We said our goodbyes a whole week later
Feeling relaxed, energised and a whole lot better.

Next year ’06 – and to Tuscany I flew.
What a joy…to see Rod – someome I knew.
By now we were members of the cycle elite squad.
The pace was fierce – very often set by Rod.

That trip too, ended with smiles all round.
Returning to work – I missed the new friend I found.
We texted and phoned just to stay in touch.
But it soon became evident I mised Rod so much.

From there, we moved on – October in Killarney
Where Rod got approval to join the Burke family.
The Wedding was small – just us with 2 guests
To witness our Union with minimum fuss.

We travelled to Paris where memories were made
Etched in our minds – never to fade.
My life is so perfect and all thanks to Rod.
Not a day passes by, that I don’t thank God.

We live happily between C’mac and Glanmire
As I go home to my husband, my dinner and fire.
It is now very clear – let there be no mistaken…..
I gave the right answer, when asked, “Is this seat taken”.

H.G. Burke – Dec 2009


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Retired professional, gym fit cyclist, cooking buff, eternal optimist who enjoys the Irish Times with a good mocha and occasional Tweet, - residing in West Cork.
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